Forum För Omställnin


Future Work Forum

About Future Work Forum

Future Work Forum (Forum för Omställning) was established in 2018 with the vision to be able to contribute to a successful structural change in Sweden on the back of new technologies, digitization and new business models. The Forum board is comprised by individuals from different backgrounds sharing the same passion for a successful development of the Swedish Society with focus on up- and reskilling.

We believe that a number of changes are needed in order to better prepare Sweden for the structural change. These changes should be debated with a wide range of actors and with the eye for the long-term. The Future Work Forum’s focus areas will be the following;

  1. Contribute to an increased knowledge and understand about digitization and the opportunities it brings and the challenges it poses. The public discourse on this must be open and transparent.

  2. Contribute to the establishment of a clear digital vision for Sweden

  3. Facilitate an active dialogue between key actors in society, but with clear leadership from the government.

  4. Contribute to improvements in the education system to make it more flexible (in content, time and space) and to ensure that it answers up to the competence needs of employers and employees.

  5. Contribute to ideas on how a more effective matching on the labor market can be achieved, preferably with AI and digital solutions at the core.

  6. Contribute to an improve infrastructure for re-skilling with sufficient opportunities for funding of up- and re-skilling throughout individuals careers.

The Board of the future work forum

  • Anders Ferbe
    President of the Governments Delegation of Validation

  • Carl Leinar
    former CEO of TRR Trygghetsrådet (the biggest Swedish outplacement agency)

  • Caroline Berg
    Chair of Axel Johnson

  • Eva Nordmark
    President of TCO (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees)

  • Helen Dannetun
    Vice-Chancellor at Linköping University

  • Magnus Tyreman 
    Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company

  • Marcus Wallenberg
    Chair of SEB

  • Martin Lundstedt
    CEO of AB Volvo

  • Susanne Ackum 
    former State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Audit General

The secretariat of the Future Work Forum

  • Oscar Stege Unger
    Wallenberg Foundations AB

  • Kristina Lovén Seldén
    TCO (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees)

  • Oscar Boldt-Christmas
    McKinsey & Company

  • Pia Anderberg
    Axel Johnson

  • Linda Olofsgård Lindfors
    Wallenberg Foundations AB

FOr more information about the Forum please e-mail us at